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At The Lord’s Feet.

In Luke 10:40-41, we are told of a story regarding two sisters- Martha and Mary. Jesus and his disciples stopped at their house on their journey to Jerusalem. Martha became so busy with preparing dinner for Jesus whilst Mary sat at his feet and engaged in communion with Him. 

Many of us can relate to this story- we are trying to be Mary’s in a world where being a Martha is more applauded for. 

In this blog were going to look at the significance of this story and how it can be applied to our lives today. 

Don’t you just love the bible? No matter how long ago it was written, its still very relevant to us today. This just proves how true it is!!

Spending time with Jesus is not something we do, it's something we’re commanded by God to do (and when you pray, Matthew 6:6). God expects us to pray as his children. There is a purpose for this and it is to benefit us. When in a romantic relationship, one takes time to engage with the person because that is what allows intimacy to grow between the couple. Inconsistency in the relationship can lead to stagnation or failure of the relationship. This is the same with the Lord- in order for intimacy to grow, we ought to be consistent in our personal engagements with Him. 

God is our Father and we are his children (1 John 3:1)- a healthy father/child relationship is one that fosters intimacy hence why research shows children who had unhealthy parental relationships grow up to be wounded adults. 

Jesus also says that we are his bride and he is our bridegroom (Revelation 21:9-1, Ephesians 5:22). All these metaphors show us how God views his relationship with us and how serious it is to Him. 

In this story we see that Mary was intentional about sitting at the feet of Jesus. In the midst of chaos and the pressure of others' expectations of her- she chose that which was most important (Mary has chosen the good portion, Luke 10:42).

Mary had a revelation of Jesus that Martha did not, hence why she was quick to sit at His feet rather than be concerned about what he was going to eat. Mary understood that nothing she could offer Jesus could surpass her simply sitting at his feet and listening to what he had to say. Martha on the other hand had so many distractions within her that it blinded her from seeing what Mary was able to see. 

When was the last time, just like Mary, sat at the Lord’s feet, listening to what He had to say to you?. When was the last time you intentionally prayed (in a dialogue manner and not monologue) or fellowshipped with God through his Word?

Are you sitting at his feet? Can you hear the rhythms of his heart? Whispers of his Spirit or are you so consumed by the busyness of everyday life? 

Jesus Christ loves you and longs for you to rest in Him. You’re the Father’s child before you are anything else. When you come to the realisation of your identity- it allows you to know how to prioritise your time & devotion to the Lord.

There is a level of busyness that takes us away from the presence of God. Jesus modelled the perfect balance between doing ministry and communioning with the Father. So many times in the Gospels- it would mention how Jesus pulled away from the crowds, spent time away from his disciples in retreat, prayed at night, awoke early in the morning to pray (Mark 1:35) all so that he could be with his Father in fellowship. 

Let us make it our mission to copy this way of living in our everyday lives!!!. His grace is more than sufficient enough to help us! (2nd Corinthians 12:9). 

The good news is that- Jesus is not asking us to be perfect in our sought after him, however he is expecting us to make an effort and be intentional. Why? Because: 

  1. He is worthy & deserving of that. 

  2. The Father gave us his best (Jesus) and was intentional about our salvation, adoption & redemption. 

Resting at his feet is where we find answers, rest, and repose. The world will distract us in every way even in things that aren’t ‘sinful’ nor ‘bad’ in themselves, however if they begin to take the place of Christ in our lives or we begin to cherish/find pleasure in them more than we do in Christ- we’ve become distracted (or even fallen into idoltory, I know I've been guilty of that!).

The Lord is not impressed by how busy we can be, even if it’s for Him. The world tells us we’re most productive when we are busy. However, Jesus delights when we stay in fellowship with Him and make him our priority. His desire is to lead us to still waters and green pastures but how can He do that if we do not give him enough of our time nor attention? (Psalm 23:2). 

What does the story of Mary & Martha teach us?

Simply be intentional in your pursuit of Jesus. Mary sought after the Lord’s feet. In a room where many things were happening, she chose to put aside everything so she could pay close attention to the teachings of Jesus. Yes the Lord beckons us to spend time with Him but it is something we also must be very intentional about especially when the busyness of life tries to distract us from Him. 

How can one be intentional? 

By knowing what it is you value most and making it a priority. 

Fun fact; there’s no shame if deep inside your heart you realise Jesus is not what you exactly want to prioritise for various reasons. As long as you turn to him in honesty & tell him about your struggles in valuing him, he will help you! ( he did it for me and continues to do it for me!). 

What are some benefits of abiding at his feet?

  1. We experience incomprehensible peace of mind & heart even in the midst of a storm (Phippians 4:6-7). 

  2. We find Him. Jeremiah 29:13. 

  3. It helps us build our house (life) on Him which causes us to become the house that was built on the rock and not the sand- when trials & storms of life come, we will not be shaken in our faith in Him (Matthew 7:24-26). 

So let me ask you- will you be a Martha or a Mary? In a world where you’re praised for being a Martha, remember; the One who created you, desires for you to be a Mary so that you can enjoy & experience the wonderful promises found in his presence (Psalm 16:11). 

Your worth and value is not found in your level of busyness or ability to complete your to do list. It is found in your identity in Christ before anything else!. 

How have you tried making Jesus a priority? I would love to learn from you guys too!. 

God bless, 

Esther Ruth. 

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