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P U R P O S E​

LUKE 10:41


Martha worked hard to prepare her home for the visit of Jesus and was upset that Mary was simply sitting ‘’At The Feet’’ of Jesus than helping. Both women were serving Jesus in their own way and it wasn’t wrong, but Mary understood the priority of abiding with Christ. Many times, God loves and calls us to dwell in His presence, tune out from the busyness for a moment, resting & enjoying His peace and getting to know Him and His desires for our lives because we can tend to work so much that we forget the simplicity that - *God desires our HEART & TIME with us more than anything* 


Hello ladies, my name is Esther and I’m so glad you’ve arrived!. At His Feet is where I share with you the journey, insights, experiences and memories we build together in this Christian ministry God has put on my heart for a long time. The desire is to create a safe, fun and loving fellowship where we get to grow, learn and glorify God in our lives and I hope you enjoy my site and all of the unique content I’m honoured to create.  

The Lord’s command is that we serve each other and it is my desire to serve women from all backgrounds of life as we learn and grow in our understanding of who ABBA is and His heart towards us.


We invite all Christian women or women interested in learning about Jesus Christ to join us in the events, bible studies, fellowship and much more.

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Read or catch up on the latest blog posts from us. We desire to inspire, challenge, be honest and make an impact in your heart for Jesus. 

Athisfeet Women and calendar events


All our events that we will be posting and notifying our ladies. The memories we build, the hearts touched and simply that Christians can have fun! You are welcome and feel free to bring someone you know.

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Shop our merchandise for AHF. Feel free to browse, share and treat yourself or a loved one to something beautiful.

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